JITO International Trade Organization (JITO) stands as the paramount global association, boasting a distinguished membership of over 15,000 eminent Jain Businesspersons, Industrialists, Professionals, Thought Leaders, and Innovators, representing a diverse array of regions worldwide.

JITO’s core objectives revolve around fostering economic empowerment, disseminating knowledge, and advancing philanthropic endeavors.

The JITO Ladies Wing operates as a self-sustaining division within JITO, passionately committed to propelling women’s empowerment and nurturing female entrepreneurs on a global scale. The accomplished JITO Ladies Wing team has an illustrious history of orchestrating successful trade exhibitions, including the renowned Bridal Story, Business Network Conclaves, and other prominent expos.

Our Vision

The sole aim of The Food and Wellness Story is to establish a central hub for the upliftment of economically challenged women by providing them with skill training, professional training, and fetching placements and job opportunities for them by creating a center for excellence, workspace offices, fully equipped vocational training centers, and departmental stores run by the weaker women.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring influential global leaders together for one cause under a platform called ROHINI and cater to them with an opportunity to elevate their business opportunities, improve connections, and serve a noble cause.